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Companies such as Koch Fertilizer in Brandon and the Minnedosa ethanol plant would have to meet standards — either national or international.

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Manitoba's government has made public its own plan to fight climate change, saying the federal government's target for a carbon price would "impose an intolerable financial burden on Manitoba families and businesses." The Pallister government's "made in Manitoba" plan, announced Friday morning, would set a carbon price of $25 per tonne — half the federal government's target of $50 per tonne by 2022.

"Our lower carbon price respects the massive hydro investments Manitobans have made over decades to build one of the cleanest electricity systems in the world," said Premier Brian Pallister.

Low carbon economy jobs would be encouraged through green infrastructure, clean technology, innovation financing, and skills and training, Squires said.

The government plans to set up a fund that would collect the climate change taxes, though it hasn't determined yet where the money would be spent to mitigate emissions and potentially provide rebates for some industries or individuals.

This is no way to lead," said Eric Reder, a wilderness and water campaigner with the group, in the release.


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    Locals in other cities have even held protests against tourism in their hometowns.

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    The Inquirer But all is not settled: In October, Caitlyn Ricci also sued her parents for another ,000 in tuition from Philadelphia’s Temple University, where she is currently a student.

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