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During the last two months the conservators have been hard at work removing resin off the KV-63 coffins in the hope of finding names and/or titles.In the beginning stages of removing the resin off Coffin Es lid, it appeared we had the name of a woman, Btau or Butau, a fairly common womans name already in the Middle Kingdom and into the New Kingdom.

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On that same morning, the wooden bed was moved to the Mummification Museum for impending display.

The following day, March 24th, KV-10 and KV-63 were locked and sealed, signaling the end of the season.

Coffin E is very similar to some coffins from the Amenophis III era, whereas Coffin A shows signs which suggest the Akhenaton era. It may still be too premature to say for certain, but I anticipate in early 2010.

More details will be forthcoming on the remaining coffins. For now, there are many reports, notebooks, accounts, lectures, and fundraising to do.

Meanwhile, Earl Ertman (correction) has prepared a article on KV-63s Wooden Bed which is slated to appear in the next issue of As mentioned in the last update, Coffin As fragments proved to be quite interesting.