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Leou Dyer by the Baltimore Community, bate Qffla of Galveston, Texas. Winn Santa Anna was taken from Gal- veston to Washing- ton, Major Dyer ac- companied the guard, and Santa Anna's autograph letter thanking Dyer for courtesies received on the journey testifies to the general's gratitude. Purple was the most costly dye known to the an- cient Hebrews. 177), the Jews in Russia created the industries of dyeing and preparing furs. Until 1761 the Jewsof Breslau buried their dead in the Dvhern- furth cemetery. Si Typography: The earliest Hebrew printing- office in Dyhernfurth was established in 1681 by the bibliographer Shabbethai ben Joseph Bass. East- ern Europe was the best market for Hebrew books, and. Thomas Jeffer- son Green, and saw active service clear- ing western Texas of bands of plundering M e x ican troops. 3b to theel Tectthat when walking abroad the dyers hung red and blue threads behind one ear, and green and pale-yellow threads behind the other. The Jews of Bokhara have in a way monopolized the commerce with dyed raw silk." According to Errera ("The Russian Jews," p. The Jewish 25 TIIK JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA Dyes and Dyeing Dyvin cemetery established by Bass in 1689 lias twice been enlarged (18) by purchase. If, however, this urgency could be explained in another way — for instance, when the property was in bad condition and the seller was afraid lest the buyer find some excuse to retract, or when the seller wished to re- move to another place — then the sale was valid and neither could retract (B.

With several hun- dred citizens of New Orleans he embarked at once on a schooner hound for Galveston, arriving two days after the battle of San Jacinto. The payment of a " perutah." the small- est coin of Palestinian currency, on account of the purchase was sufficient to bind the bargain i Kid. Because of cer- tain apprehensions, they provided that movable property could be acquired only by actual posses- sion of the object (B. It was, however, considered a breach of good faith if one of the contracting parties re- tracted after the payment of an earnest or of the whole sum, and the following curse (jn DC 'D) was pronounced upon him: 11 He who revenged Himself on the men of the generation of the Flood, and on the men of the generation of the division of languages ["hanagah "], and on the men of Sodom and of Go- morrah, and on the Egyptians who were drowned in the sea, will revenge Himself upon him who does not abide by his word " (B. In the case of immovable property the payment of earnest-money constituted a sale where local cus- tom did not require the formality of a deed of sale (" shetar "). In cases where the earnest did not validate the sale, he who re- tracted had to submit to the conditions of the other party as to the manner in which the earnest-money should be refunded (ib.).

Dyer was at that time quartermaster-general of the state militia of Louisiana. All objects, whether movable or immovable, could be acquired by the payment of money, and part payment was sufficient to make a sale valid. The law regarding acquisition was restricted by the earlier rabbis, however, to immovable property. Hence, where there was no delivery the payment of the purchase-money did not consti- tute a sale. In cases of hiring and letting, the payment of an earnest was sufficient (Hosben Mishpat, 198, 5, Is- serles' gloss; 198, 6; 199).

Bcforo his departure from Baltimore be had been presented with a medal by the community "f thai city 1 1847) BIBLIOGRAPHY: /.' 1888; En- lopediaoftht Xi»' West, 1886; Publications Am. seem for a long time to have held the monopoly of the dyeing trade. 16), and there were many dyers among the Jews of Prague in the seventeenth century (Abrahams, "Jewish Life in the Middle Ages," p. In 1708 the establishment was partly destroy ed by fire. however, soon rebuilt, and in 1712 Shab- bethai transferred it to his son Joseph, whose name appeared "ti the title pages, together with that of his father, after 1707. The king escaped unhurt; but it was only subsequently realized that Hadfleld had missed his aim because some man near him had struck his arm while in the act of pulling the trigger. DYVIN : Village in the government of Grodno, Russia.

In Asia they were especially noted as dyers, as they were also, ac- cording to Beckmanu, in Italy and Sicily. 1170) it is noted that Brindisi contained ten Jews who were dyers (p. 65) ; that the dye-house in Jerusalem was rented by the year; that the exclusive privilege of carrying on that business had been purchased by the Jews, two hundred of whom dwelt iu one corner of the city under the tower of David (p. During his last ten years of active work, Shabbethai confined himself chiefly to liturgical productions. til , t sen., where are Riven the publica- tions ol Dvhernlurih up to 1713; Brann, in Monauschrift, il. This individual was Dyte, father of Henry Dyte, at one time honorary secretary to the Blind Society. It has a very old Jewish community, bul it is impossible to determine when Jews first settled there.

The Jews' tax in southern Europe was sometimes called "tincta Judreoruui," as it was levied on dyed goods (Abrahams, "Jewish Life in the Middle Ages," p. 45, Asher's ed.) ; that purple dye was found in the neighborhood of New Tyre (p. 69) ; and that but twelve Jews lived in Bethlehem, two in Bet Nuba, one in Jaffa, one in Karyateu Binyamin, and one in Zer'in, the ancient Jezreel — all dyers (pp. Rabbi Petbahiah of Regensburg visited Jeru- salem in the twelfth century, and found only one Jew there, Rabbi Abraham, the dyer (" Travels of R. In these years he issued four editions of the Pentateuch ; ajurheo German edition, by Hayyim ben Nathan, of the historical parts of the Bible; four editions of the Psalms; seven of the Siddur; four of the Mahzor; live of the Selihot; and two of the Tikkwiu recited on the nights of 1 nt and Hosh'ana Rabba. It is said that Dyte asked as his sole re- ward the "patent" of selling opera-tickets, then a monopoly at the royal disposal. Sketches o/ Anglchjtwiih History, London, 1875 ; Howell, State Trialn. When the town endeavored to secure the Magdeburg Law, the Jews contributed for the pur- pose fifty gold coins, in return for which they were to be allowed to avail themselves of the privileges and income of the town. The eagle is ranked among the unclean birds — a fact variously ex- plained by the Talmudic writers (Hul. The nesher is found deified in the Assyrian Nisroeh.