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“It’s like, well, crap, is the biggest thing I’ve done in my life this really huge mistake? Last month he gave an interview to NPR in which he said he is re-evaluating the book’s impact, and he has been responding to critics on Twitter and having phone conversations with some of them, too.

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As one recent response on Harris’ site put it, “I feel the only man I deserve is one who is broken like me.” came out, and everyone I knew in my upper-middle-class evangelical community in suburban Chicago was talking about it.

For me as a teenager, the whole topic had a pleasing ratio of certainty to ambiguity.

Two decades later, the teenagers of the purity movement have had time to date, marry, have sex lives, raise children of their own, and divorce.

They have confronted the movement’s legacy online, communing about what it meant to grow up believing that even sexual thoughts must be squashed to please God.

“Part of the reason this has been so hard for me is that I have so much of my identity tied up in these books.


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