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We can easily conclude that "The Light of the Lord Himself" which entered Guru Nanak was passed on to the young Gurus who could act like Guru Nanak and thus it was the Light, which was acting in all.Bhai Gurdas is very clear: Guru Nanak transformed himself and thus changed into a different personality.Guru Nanak had the distinction that he was recording himself all the thoughts that were being revealed to him. Their followers had recorded their sermons in more than one version and sometimes they recorded the same after the demise of the savant.

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He has given you free will, so you can choose whether to love him back.

But regardless of the choices you have made, God is still pursuing you….

Guru Nanak was aiming in bringing the whole humanity on the righteous path.

Guru Nanak had commenced his task by singing his thoughts and addressing the people of South and South West Asia.

This model of collective Panthic leadership has yet to be instituted. Second Phase of Khalsa 1708-1947 (239 years) Sustenance of the Khalsa Upto the time of Nawab Kapur Singh Panth had a single central treasury and one polity.