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But how long can she resist Jake’s brand of searing, exotic seduction...?2)The Boss’s Virgin – Charlotte Lamb He is unforgettable, but her ex-boss Randal Harding does not fit into Pippa’s neatly planned life.I thought I thaw a big bug- and you will too, when, tonight on Me TV, we bring back the man-eating mantis that defrosted and destroyed- it’s “The Deadly Mantis!

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The military decides to call in an expert – Ned Jackson, a paleontologist who should be able to identify what the object is- and what it came from!

Ned examines it, and can scarcely believe his own theory- that this spur-like thing is actually a body part of a familiar carnivorous insect- but it is of such great size, there have not been any such creatures that huge since prehistoric times!

Watch for a new movie and some old favorites coming up on our show in the next few weeks- but tonight- keep the Raid handy- and don’t let the big bug bite!

Obviously you can go straight to the official sites for plot summaries to steal-Mills & Boon Harlequin- but if you'd prefer we have hundreds of plot suggestions listed for you here.

Even more disturbing- is a large oddly shaped imprint in the snow near the outpost.


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