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This tutorial uses the latest version of Java (Java 8) throughout, covers modern syntax and approaches, and focuses primarily on those parts of Java that apply to all application areas: server-side apps, phone apps, and desktop apps.

As a result, it only briefly skims desktop graphics, but spends a lot of time on more general topics like object-oriented programming, data structures like Lists and Maps, generic types, lambda expressions, streams, concurrent and parallel programming, file I/O, network programming, and so forth.

That tutorial is a subset of this one that focuses only on the new Java 8 capabilities.

Similarly, the the onsite Java training courses are aimed at organizations whose developers have experience with C , C#, Objective C, or another high-level language, and want to get started with Java as quickly as possible.

There is also a shorter version of these training courses that focus on the new Java 8 features and are intended for developers that know earlier Java versions.