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Okay…the second part was a joke.” Paula Abdul & Brad Beckerman OCTOBER 25, 1996 Paula Abdul knows the importance of good choreography.

So when the 33-year-old singer-dancer wed sportswear designer Brad Beckerman, 30, her autumn-themed wedding was scrupulously staged.

Then the newlyweds, who had met while jogging in Manhattan’s Central Park in 1992, led their 40 guests to a reception at the Greyfield Inn, where they danced to “Forever in My Life,” by the artist formerly known as Prince.

She did eventually sit still long enough for Ceaser to get the job done.

No cheering crowds, no cavernous cathedrals and not a trumpet to be heard.

Were it not for the whir of a paparazzi-hired helicopter above, the nuptials of Christie Brinkley, 44, and architect Peter Cook, 37, in a meadow of the Bridgehampton, N.

Y., horse farm rented by Brinkley, would have been as flawless as the couple’s smiles.

They met in 1992 when Duffy spotted Hopper dining alone in a restaurant near his Venice Beach home and introduced herself. “It was a very good sign if we could spend 24 hours a day together,” says Duffy.