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I also used to think that there were two couples or three people in the scene, bob, louise and others maybe a boyfriend of louise, but now in my own personal assessment i think there's only two: Zimmerman and Louise, and he is realizing that he doesn't love louise anymore, and is haunted by his profound love for johanna. He is every where else he could be, yet still stranded in the room.

New york becomes a reflection and in turn reflects the scene. I have looked at all the comments, I agree with bits out of each of them.

it is perhaps garcia's most emotional performane both vocally and musically.

stunning and errily hauntingjerry garcia, god bless, loved this song. Dylan sporadically entered and exited characters through out his writings often at a whim.

When he finished playing that song, you could feel the 'Wow'. I was in high school at the time, and two couple older than me were seated to my right. He's entered a new commitment, and the future seems dark to him. And he's trying to take on the role of husband for the first time in his life.