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Suggestions and comments are welcomed and should be sent to Editor, Massachusetts Maritime Magazine, P. I foresee the magazine cementing the interest and efforts of our alumni and friends toward assisting Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the industry, and the public sector it serves. Having deciphered the name "Salvador Fernandes Zarco," Barreto really wasn't sure of anything. For many years, he researched the genealogy of the noble and royal families of Portugal and finally found someone who could have used that name: the Duke of Beja's illegiti- mate son. It was the age of discovery, inquisi- tion, competition for trade routes, search for information about winds and currents, and hence an age of secret agents and espionage. Self-described as "muralist, sculptor, painter, and procrastinator, " Sigmund Purwin has sailed with Academy train- ing cruises, worked with students, faculty, and staff, and has been MM As friend and benefactor for several years. The President's Message With special delight, I wish to launch the initial issue of the Massachusetts Maritime Magazine with this introduction. The existing treaties (14) between Spain and Portugal divided the globe in two: Spain essentially to the north of 28° north latitude and Portugal essen- tially to the south of 28° north latitude. My thanks and appreciation are extended to those who have already con- tributed to the success of this endeavor, especially to our feature writers and RADM Arch Swarztrauber who serves as the magazine's editor. monks of Arrabida, Portugal, he set out for the Franciscan convent in La Rabida in southern Spain near the Spanish throne in Seville.

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However, a strong possibility may lie in the fact that the Academy has been and continues to be recognized as a school where a 2 practical education is received. 10 Whatever information it was, it apparently didn't reach the Doges of Genoa early enough for America to bear his name which would have been a real coup for them.

The company finds this an excellent balance with those colleges where theory is the major thrust of the educational process. Instead, the honor went to Amerigo Vespucci who sailed to the New World under Spanish and Portuguese flags in 1499-1502. Griffin Class of 1984 Dawn (Dineen) Tomasini Class of 1986 Kevin C.

From the first commercial nuclear power plant in the United States to a hydroelectric station using the world's largest bulb-turbine units to Africa's first billion-pound-per-year olefins com- plex, Stone & Webster is recognized for its innovative engineering and construction projects. Colon had both private and public meetings with King John II. King John publicly threatened (knowing the news would quickly reach Spain) that he would send a fleet to take possession of those lands which rightly belonged to Portugal. Morse & Son Office Supply Company Truck Equipment Sales, Inc.

The Company was founded in Boston in 1889 as a two-man electrical consultancy. At the public meeting, King John II protested vehement- 9 Diogo (Diego in Spanish), Colon's first son, was given the same name as Colon's brother, and the second son, the same name as Colon's father Fernando. Holding all the cards in his hands, why did he not apprehend Colon and his ship and crew? Corporate Matching Gifts Combustion Engineering John Hancock Property & Casualty Ins. Lenox China New England Electric System Companies Rockwell International Corporation Trust Individual Gifts Domenic Baldino Reinhold Bauer Michael A.

These two departments provide engineering and start-up services to nuclear and fossil power plant facilities that are in operation or are in the process of pre- operational testing. Colon had spent a total of eight days in Portugal informing King John of the details of his first voyage before reporting to the Spanish monarchs who had actually financed his voyage.


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