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He has also appeared as a contestant on ' Racheal vs. Other endeavors include appearing as a host star of' Drop Dead Diva' and in ' The Bold and the Beautiful'. Personal Life Jake Pavelka dating history and personal life details have been probed about much and has also been visible to the general public, particularly because he is a reality television star.

Jake Pavelka has been known to have dated Tenley Molzhan in the past. However, when he was dating Tenley, he chose Vienna Girardi over her stating that they lacked physical chemistry.

Jake Pavelka is very well looking with the height five feet ten inches that is 178cm.

Similarly he has maintained his cadaver with wildly aerobics and workout and has prepared him handsome. At this young age, he has already been very affluent and still has stretched out to go in categorize to become one of the very finest but no one will reject that he has budding to do it.

He has also appeared in the second season of Bachelor Pad as a contestant.