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The Kama Sutra talks about it.'But both sexes seem reluctant to let go of the myth that the penis is the almighty satisfier.'It’s not just the orgasms that are fake in porn – everything is fake.

Think of it like a badly written soap opera not what’s really happening in real bedrooms.' The birth of the Internet has given more people access to free online porn, enabling them to fulfill their sexual urges with no need for another person in the room.

One in five men watch porn three to five times a week and three per cent admit they prefer it to sex with a partner, the survey revealed.

She is still in the hospital, but her parents remain hopeful that she will be home for good by the holidays.

Craniopagus conjoined twins are babies who are connected at the top of the cranium.

Surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia separated the twins when they were 11 months old, making it one of the earliest separations of craniopagus twins ever.

Since then, Erin has been discharged from the hospital and is in therapy to gain mobility and speech.

Now researchers claim it has given rise to a new phenomenon called 'pornosexuality' – when a person prefers porn to sex.


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