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Former Norwegian Cruise Line ("NCL") CEO Colin Veitch's trial against his successor, Kevin Sheehan, and their old cruise line, NCL, for defamation and breach of contract has been underway in the Miami-Dade County courthouse, here in Miami, Florida this past week.

Veitch worked at the helm of NCL from 2000 to 2008.

Foreign crew members injured or killed due to the negligence of U. based shipping companies have long been permitted to have their cases resolved through jury trials under the Jones Act here in the U. In addition to the Jones Act, crew members have also been entitled to obtain medical treatment and daily living expenses when they are injured aboard U. based cruise ships under the "maintenance and cure" doctrine, one of the oldest legal American legal doctrines dating back to the early 1800's.

But NCL, which faced substantial liability and damages for the deaths of eight crew members and nearly twenty other ship employees burned in the explosion, sought to dismiss the cases, arguing that their only remedy was the limited benefits under the Filipino law.

The explosion killed eight crew members and seriously burned another nineteen NCL crew members.


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