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Mpreg HP/EC HG/RW LL/NL DM/LC past BS/ECBella Swan is not your normal teenager. It's one or the other unless they can make it work together.She has an attitude problem, strikingly gorgeous looks and a big secret. No, I'm sorry but this has to be wrong" I said, my breath getting harder to push up my throat.

well, until its explained to her and even then she thinks them crazy, until something happens to make her believe The trio has left Hogwarts in search of Horcruxes. Then, she mets Jax Teller, despite her father's warnings to stay away from him and the Club. Thrown into the past and then thrust back into the present after spending a year in 10 years ago, she must now come to terms with her own new perspectives on the present. A year after a family tragedy Genevieve's mother Madison has decided to move her and her two daughters to La Push.

Severus' trust has been broken, both by Dumbledore and Hermione. "Purpose, Part I" should be read first The only daughter of Wayne Unser comes home to Charming after College, finds something of her Moms that draws her to the S. Gen is having a difficult time adjusting since the family lost their father. Ethan has the life that was always expected of him, but he has learned that even the most carefully laid plans have flaws.

Alright I started a yahoo group where I am also uploading all of my stories... I love watching Criminal Minds and other crime shows. Love you Anyways - H/P romance One Shot Series: The Dare series, and the Confession series. Laura left Antonio because he'd been shot and insisted on going back to work. Will be updating regularly and hope to hear from everyone. What happens when your arch enemy turns out to be your soul mate? Leah decides it is time to leave La Push after her brother seemingly deserts her and goes to the enemies side other wise known as Sam Uley and her ex family member Emily. The pack is going to watch the Cullens practice for the impending battle. An imprint is made, changing the direction of Bella's life. Will Brenda and Dylan be able to resume their relationship and wildfire romance after all that has gone on between them? AU: Roxanne finally comes home from being in rehab, after Abel gets taken. A week spent fighting with Paul, who seemed determined to pursue me. Known that for the vampire, my blood was irresistable. T'was nothing more than a memory of what she once was. She's passed away and the responsibility of taking care of the baby is left for Draco. When his family move to Forks, his magic is forcefully unbound at the age of seventeen. But what happens when Paul phases and imprints on Bella the same day that Edward decides he wants her back. Especially when the announcement of Draco and Hermione's engagement just might be the trigger to set it in motion.

The fandoms that I am uploading to this group are the following: CM, So A, HP, Twilight, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Roswell, and eventually Beverly Hills 90210!!! My favorites are NCIS, NCIS: Los Angelas, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY and Criminal Minds. For right now my wrestling, Twilight, and SOA stories are on hiatus. Dare Series is now complete unless I decide to add M/G. Now Antonio is trying to move on and be the best dad in the time he get's with Eva and Diego. After discovering she is pregnant Leah is forced to leave her home to protect her child from the pain that could come from her and Sam no longer being together. What happens when she phases when a vamp targets her and she's all alone? Free will does not always mean that there is a choice. Leah/Edward, Bella/Jacob Sequel to A Christmas Carol G Style. Only Juice knows she's been in there, but when things get tough and she slips up, will Juice tell the club? But he broke her heart and stomped all over it by mistake. Known what he had planned for me as his singer; it was worse than death. Her life consumed by darkness, yet ironically she fought for the light. Having no idea how to handle a baby good fortune smiles upon him, in the form of Hermione Granger. After the War, Hermione goes to New York to do a degree in Potions. He is then taught by the Headmaster Edmund of Dragon Academy. Sides are chosen, loyalties are tested, and no one is safe.

Lack of control at evidence warehouse returns to haunt the team. Includes sideline of Mac/Stella and minor DL&L as well as a short visit by the BAU from Criminal Minds. Months after the battle between Loki and the Avengers, Natalie Mc Kenzie (OC) finds the god on her living room floor. That is, until Thor crashes through her window and grabs Loki, starting a chain of events that will change Loki and the Avengers for the better. ** 04/02/16 - STORY ON HIATUS, CM MUSE ON THE FRITZ **Harry looks exactly like Lily when he appears at Hogwarts much to the surprise of everyone. He befriends Hermione (raven), Draco(Sly), Neville (Huffel) and of course Luna (Raven) later on. Being dropped at his Aunt's house he is taken away and Harry disappears with no one none the wiser.