updating 3dp network - Intimidating a public servant

It isn’t strange as it used to be; to hook up and date online. I see that as the onset of boredom and our minds will be dormant due to laziness.Well, that was just a piece of my work on technology and computers. While writing it, I humble myself since I am inspired to do so.Following that, I have to buckle up for a justice seeking spree with impartiality.

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That is exactly what has kept me indoors and turned me to an anti-social being; since my work has no break.

It goes from research to collecting data from reliable sources; before finally availing my work to the public.

Parties and Candidates as PDF/printable document Parties and Candidates Index Parties and Candidates Quiz UNDP Electoral Assistance Toolkit Political parties and candidates are key stakeholders in the election cycle.

Candidates standing for office are affiliated with political parties which both define a candidate’s ideology and policy position while reflecting a list of issues with which the electorate can identify based upon a political party platform as mirrored in the candidate’s election promises to the public.

I not only highlight the bad; but also get to sell the good side of government.