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[tags: Racial Relations in the Deep South] - Race Relations in the U. I've discovered the real roots of America these past few days and decided that writing about it was better than killing an innocent victim to soothe the hostility I feel towards my heritage. This was a valuable lesson I've learned from my forefathers, who did both. [tags: Papers] - Salem Poor was a slave from Andover, Massachusetts.Others in my country react on instinct and choose not to deliberate the issue as I have. Salem Poor is a perfect example of race relations during the time of the Revolutionary War as Poor was described as a war hero, but did not receive the treatment he deserved.Historians have argued that Poor is a forgotten hero because of his race.

In most places slavery is a way of life and there is nothing that can be done about it, and in southern America that was the case too for over three hundred years.

During that period many people fought against slavery and tried to get it abolished from the country, but little did they know how long and how brutal the fight would be.

Introduction- Retracing a History of Racial Scorn in Cuban Society: The study of race relations in contemporary Cuba indelibly requires an understanding of the dynamic history of race relations in this ethnically pervasive island of the Caribbean.

Cuban society, due to its historical antecedents of European colonialism and American imperialism, has traditionally experienced anguished and even tumultuous race relations.

- Race relations in America’s public schools have come a long way. Yet, Kathleen Mc Grory, an education reporter for The Miami Herald, writes that creating and maintaining diversity in public schools is still difficult, even 56 years after the monumental court case.