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This article is about moving your Music (and optionally your Library Settings files) from your startup (usually internal) drive to a different (usually external) drive, but still have it be used by the same k Jams on the same computer.

If you're trying to move your entire k Jams installation, including your license, to another computer, see the article on Transferring. when you run, k Jams will now use the preferences on the external drive.

You should familiarize yourself with any license or use terms of, and the privacy policy and security practices of, the third party resource, which will govern your use of that resource.

This is going to sound a little strange, but after facing a brief issue when adding music to my Lumia 830's micro SD card, I not only solved it by going and making a beverage, but I thought I should at least annotate what happens when adding media to Windows Phone. Here's my walkthrough and explanation: In my old-school case, it was a matter of going into Storage Sense and tapping on the 'SD card' line...

You basically create a link from where they were (where k Jams thinks they are) to where they actually are now (where you want k Jams to find them).