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So understanding which multimodal combinations have a positive influence on vection is important from both the theoretical perspective of multisensory cue integration and an applied perspective of optimizing self-motion simulations in VR.Our research explores how combining visual stimulation with other senses may enhance the experience of vection by reducing the onset latency and increasing the intensity and convincingness of the users' experience of self-motion.

These findings provide the first compelling evidence that walking motions can be used to significantly enhance visually induced rotational self-motion perception in virtual environments (and vice versa) without having to provide for physical self-motion or motion platforms.

This is noteworthy, as linear treadmills have been found to actually impair visually induced self-motion perception (Ash, Palmisano, Apthorp, & Allison, 2013).

This is exemplified by the “train illusion,” which many readers have likely experienced themselves.

While seated on a stationary train waiting to depart and observing a train departing from the neighboring track, we often (erroneously) perceive that our own train has begun to move instead of the adjacent train (Helmholtz, 1866).

It has been demonstrated, for example, that a 35-m × 35-m area is sufficient for redirecting users on a circular trajectory, while they believe they are treading upon virtually endless straight paths (Hodgson & Bachmann, 2013).