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In early 2008, the head of Scotland Yard seriously proposed taking DNA from five-year-olds who display "offending traits" because they'll probably grow up to be criminals.

The next week, the London police put up posters asking us all to turn in people who seem to be taking pictures of the ubiquitous CCTV spy-cameras because anyone who pays too much attention to the surveillance machine is probably a terrorist.

We need to be having this conversation all over the planet. That means that you won't find this book on Audible or i Tunes, because Audible refuses to sell books without DRM (even if the author and publisher don't want DRM), and i Tunes only carries Audible audiobooks.

However, you can buy the MP3 file direct from Random House or many other fine etailers, or through this link.

Making stuff: The folks at Instructables have put up some killer HOWTOs for building the technology in this book. There's nothing so rewarding in this world as making stuff, especially stuff that makes you more free.