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After two women assisted him in the removal of the crown and robe, Busta got right to business. joining him onstage.“I don’t want to play anymore games.

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People were expecting the next record to play, but 50 said, “That’s the show, thanks for coming,” and walked off the stage.

The crowd stood in bewilderment wondering if 50 was joking, but the house lights came on, validating the end to 50’s set.

So, it’s only right that I got my Brooklyn n---a Cas with me here,” said Freeway midway through his opening set.

The Brooklyn native stormed onto the stage like he was shot out of a cannon with a fiery performance of his hit record “Don’t Run.”Anytime Casanova hits the Barclays stage, his performance is red hot, and his hometown never lets him down.

Jadakiss told the crowd, “We got hits,” and this paved the way for their solo hits.