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Worst timing of the year to whoever is at the door." A knock on the door while taking a shower was something that happened at least once to everyone, they said. He put on his pants and his jacket, forgetting to close it, though.

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I'm in England, after all.""…" She nodded and returned to her own food. "--"Darn, this thing is complicated…" Naruto was about to pull his hair out in frustration. "My contract clearly says 'To protect the client till the Voldemort incident gets solved'.

"But I suppose that I could try to eat with some manners. S., and I bet that it will be a genocide.""Who says I'm going away next year? Naruto stared at her with a normal face, interrupting his homework. Myself, I know exactly what I like about you." She 'Hmphed'."And what…

I think I met your cat…""Indeed." She had given him a reply, but she hadn't broken eye-contact with his body. He had grabbed her shoulders and forcefully made her stand back on her feet."Just checking you out." Naruto blushed even more.

He was too focused on mentally cursing Yoruichi."'You should drop orange! Mostly black clothes."I-I JUST WANTED AN IMAGE CHANGE! You should have realized by now that charging blindly in isn't good for anything…""S-SHUT UP! Didn't they teach you to respect people trying to give you help? He was so focused on scrubbing them that he didn't give much thought to the fact that a cat was bathing with him.

So much that his body turned slim again in a second, his metabolism suddenly going in high gear. "In the meanwhile, the cat observed his tantrum and his grabbing his own hair with a curious stare. He even hurt his foot when he forgot that fridges were particularly heavy and stable."ARGH! " He suddenly screamed while seating in front of the cat, and started counting Yoruichi's flaws, in his opinion. "You mean that my bodyguard is a boy my own age and that he isn't a mage? Harry made a face that translated into internet slang would be translated as 'WTF?!