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Andrew Hill Clark describes it as "a place long and well known to those who used its shores for a fishery and to whom its resources of timber, coal, and gypsum were familiar.

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But Ochiltree and his 60 Scots did not remain long on New Galloway.

They harassed French fishermen in the area, extorting a ten-percent tax on their catches.

Lawrence, would serve as the western territory of the new colony.

The French created a colonial administration for le Royale at a fishing port when French diplomats, "with the Regent's full support, insisted that Canso Island was a part of le Royale, and the British accepted that any islands lying north of the mainland (i.e., peninsular Nova Scotia) and in the Gulf of St.

Lawrence, the gateway to Canada, and would serve to check the British presence in peninsula Nova Scotia, especially the British base at Canso.