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18) Sometimes street performers will get phone calls and will “break character” to answer and talk. Chiliad take pictures of the view with their phones.

19) You can send other characters in your address book your hunting pictures, and they all text back with unique responses. 21) Michael’s wife Amanda can be found on the game’s fake dating website, hushsmush.

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6) Michael will confess to and discuss random events that just happened when visiting his psychiatrist, like sleeping with prostitutes or running over pedestrians.

7) The little “tink tink tink” cooling off sound cars make when turned off is present.

3) When wading in water, your clothes get wet - but only up to the point you actually waded. 4) If you hail and hop into a taxi at the airport when someone was already waiting for one, they’ll get mad and shout at you, or try to pick a fight.

5) There is a chance you can walk into a business while another random NPC is robbing it.

Later on, Lamar’s dialogue changes based on whether you changed your hair or not. 11) Sometimes topless women will party at Vinewood mansions.