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To prevent yourself from flipping out when everyone’s clothes are off, Marin recommends visualizing the whole event (beforehand): “Imagine your partner making out with or touching another person.

Or what they might look like getting someone else off.” (Consider, also, that this unnamed other could be more attractive, or fitter, than you.)“Talk to your partner ahead of time about some of the things you hope will go right, and some of the things that could go wrong,” says Joannides.

Still curious (and secure) enough to invite a third? They'll help ensure maximum satisfaction and minimal drama—for all parties involved.

Apps like 3nder, services like Three Way Dating Club, or plain old online dating sites (Ok Cupid recently introduced an option for polyamorous couples) are a few ways to recruit a third party.

If possible, consider grabbing coffee or a bite with your third before jumping into the action to ensure there's a good rapport. “Discuss with your partner what you’re OK with and what's off-limits,” Joannides says.