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The whole week was pointed at the “Tool to Take Home”.

The main objective was to examine digital strategies following a bottom-up approach for family businesses thus developing and crafting potential new digital projects for FEGIME.

Good one year dating anniversary ideas

Machines support humans, replace them and communicate with both other machines and humans.

The world has become volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous: a VUCA world.

Our Greek colleagues - in their search for new business opportunities - have turned their attention to the booming Cypriot market.

As of 2018, KAFKAS will enhance their commercial presence on the island including a store there for the first time. As of January 1st, 2018 the company Legallais will be joining Algorel, Algorel électricité and FEGIME France.

At the end of the week 11 such digital initiatives were presented to the President of FEGIME, Nikos Kafkas from FEGIME Hellas: “I was very impressed both by the amazing spirit of the group and above all by their excellent ideas and the extremely high level of professionalism with which they were presented,” he commented after the Graduation Ceremony.