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It occurs to Earl that possibly the reason his life sucks is because he's been nothing but a Jerkass doing bad things to a lot of people, and that maybe he would have better luck if he made up for them.To that end he prepares a list of all the bad things he can remember doing, and starts finding a way to make up for them, one by one.

It also adheres more strictly to the concept of karma than straight Idealism, meaning it's a little more realistic and/or cynical than the usual idealistic fare.

Many bad things happen to the characters, but they almost always provide character development, and serve an ultimately good purpose.

Any given item on his list is likely to be more complicated than a simple "stole 10 dollars" where it causes additional problems for the person involved and Earl goes to extremes to repair the damage he caused.

He initially starts out of karmic fear, but he finds that dedicating himself to the list and doing good things changes him. The show falls well down the ideal side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs.

After the fall and the breakaway glass was cleared, he opened his eyes and realized that he was experiencing the start of his own birthday party thrown by his living brother Conrad.