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Yet the few dates she arranged with younger men were oddly unsatisfying.

Sure, such young men were capable of enthusiastic sex and Barbara found it fun. The other men she dated were definitely her age or above. It was also a chance for her to get out of the house and away from her business partner.

His message included a comment on her rather creative headdress in one of her profile photos. He was basically bald, middle age, and clearly not fat. Still, they saw each other when they could and soon established a comfortable and easy rapport after two or three months.

He listed 5'11" as his height but Barbara knew that most men added at least an inch to their actual height. They didn't live too far from each other when she was in town so dates and sleepovers were easy to arrange.

She enjoyed their companionship but didn't like the fact that some were pushing 70 and had health issues. With so many incoming messages commenting on her cat suit costume in her online dating profile, it was a message that mentioned another of her photos that got her attention.