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As a development platform, Pix Insight provides the Pix Insight Class Library (PCL), an ISO C framework for development of Pix Insight modules, and the Pix Insight Java Script Runtime (PJSR), an ECMA 262-5 compliant environment readily available in the core Pix Insight application.

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We are conscious that we can't go beyond certain limits, especially as is needed to follow the constant evolution of technology.

So the only way we can ensure an evolving future for Pix Insight is to open it to the contributions and collaborations of other developers.

Because we feel that we can make a significant contribution to the world of image processing software, especially in astrophotography and other technical imaging fields.

Our software is based on novel paradigms and provides innovative and elegant solutions of unparalleled efficiency and versatility, not available elsewhere.

It has been designed specifically for astrophotography and other technical imaging fields.