Funny poems for dating

One look from you brightens my day A touch of yours brings comfort to me A kiss from you makes my heart giggle Your simple laugh is my joy Your love will always be my strength I love you, is the word I want to hear from you forever and always View Full Poem offers tools for love calculations, Love Test, love advice, love horoscope and astrology love forecast, love poems, love quotes, love sms etc...

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They came up with a huge, crazy dog that was part Rottweiler and part dire wolf.

They mated this dog with a second most vicious dog they had found - a particularly nasty and unstable Doberman Pinscher.

After the five years had passed, the dog was one exceptionally mean monster.

The day of the fight came, and the Americans trotted out their dog. The Russians laughed as they set their dog on the American dog.

The American man pulled out a case of the finest cigarettes, took one drag on it, and proceeded to throw both the cigarette and pack out the window.