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The Narrative on my bank statement reported is CTBILL *hardtimeltd 00001. (TD) This has also come up on my bank statement on 15th December 2017 and I have no idea what it is for.

I do not know the firm and have not placed any order with them. Just received my credit card bill and there is a charge of $208.66 from CC XKKJEIR TECH JILINSHENG foreign currency 1,051.97 CNY @ EXCHANGE RATE 0.19835. I have also bought quite a few things online for christmas but cannot remember purchasing anything from abroad. Anyone know what this site sells I ordered at fitflopsphilippines amounting to 1,406.40 last december 7, 2017 but up to this no slipper deliver yet.

The bank told me it is a company in China that make it look like a UK site and the goods are fake goods when they arrive. I ordered a sweatshirt and was charged from PES*LIKEMUCH BEIJING CHN 303.00 YUAN RENMINBI Subject to foreign fee I received a confirmation email that my payment went through on 12/9/17 but nothing from the company itself.

They also tried to take an extra transaction on top of the purchase price that wasn’t mentioned in any transaction I ordered some watches from However, I can see clearly who processed my payment which was Saltwater Tech. I was shopping at so many sites that night that I cant remember the site.

When the payment went through I saw that the payment was processed by Saltwater Tech Hangzhoushi. My next move is to contact my bank and have them turned in for fraud. I placed an order with smart tech on the 24 th November I paid with my credit card since then I have tried numerous e mails to contact them but they never reply and I have never recieved this order why I have a charge from this named site for 399.08 and a charge from PES*for 699.14 on the same day - Dec 20, 2017. Going back into my history to hopefully find but what a pain.


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