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I don't think they showed that."Artem chimed in, telling ET Nikki wasn't kidding."Yeah, she came [to rehearsal] with a mask and she's like, 'Look, I'm John,'" he explained. WATCH: 'Dancing With the Stars' Eliminates First Contestant of Season 25 -- Find Out Who Got Sent Home!

"'It would make me comfortable if you put this mask on.' Priceless. Another pair that brought the heat last night was #Team Getcha Popcorn, Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke.

The former Labour MP was doing a Q&A on the site, fielding innocent (if a little confrontational at times) questions about politics, football and, of course, Strictly Come Dancing. One commenter just got straight to the point and wrote: ‘I’ve got a crush on you. Only last February a forum thread about ‘which major politician would make the best lover’ on the site named the former Shadow Chancellor a ‘sexy beast’ who ‘at least has the right name’ for the job. He of course replied by going on LBC radio soon afterwards and announcing that he was ‘a long slow burn’ in bed.

: D’ Mumsnet users seem to have a real thing for Ed.

"I'm used to it," Nikki joked to ET's Cameron Mathison about her barely-there outfit.