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You're then scored for how effective your trickery was.You can play Sext Machine by texting ;) — the most classic of sexting emoticons — to 669-333-7398.But suddenly, amidst an infinite amount of flashy, niche social apps, the humble bot-texting-app has become trendy. air to it, but the comfort of those green and blue bubbles does something to offset the absurdity of it.

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He says the original formula was written in Objective-C against the Apple Core Data framework, but there were scaling issues with that codebase once @tofu_product became so popular.

He rewrote the code about a year ago, and now it’s based on Go with a Redis database backend.“When someone talks directly to him, a choice is made,” Toscano explains.

For whatever reason, tweeting with @tofu_product feels strangely familiar.

It’s almost like it took the words right out of your mouth, because that’s essentially what it does.

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