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There were so many times throughout my years in porn that I often told myself, “Wow, I almost forgot I’m getting paid to do this.” If I was born with all the money I wanted, I probably would have done it just for kicks, not in a career-driven way but rather just for fun – do a few scenes just to say I did or to fulfill some fantasies I may have. Nothing will ever change the fact that you are my granddaughter.” My parents soon accepted it, and they – along with the rest of my family – fully support me. It’s a different sensation and feeling, and you can definitely tell the difference between “squirt” and urine. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in adult work?

Have you had any issues with family or friends finding out about your adult work? My maternal grandmother was the first of my entire family to address the truth about my doing porn. Is there any content out there that you wish you could make disappear?

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I don’t even have a stepfather in real life, hence why I said it.

Since it was all an act, I didn’t think much of it; I didn’t think about the repercussions of saying such a thing.

I’m quite pleased with this question and answer session and I’m sure many of my readers will be too.

With further ado…Although you’ve surely been asked this before, could you remind my readers how and when you got into porn?

If you had been born with all the money you could ever want or need, would you have still done it? I love having my feet kissed and sucked, while I am having sex. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t be saying I’m into pee play, but after having a bunch of girls pee on me once for a film, it changed my perspective on the fetish. As for squirting, I absolutely get thrilled, when I am able to make a woman, who has never squirted before, squirt.


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