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I didn't start following her until 2010 when CD - She Wolf came out.

I first heard of Shakira in 2001 when CD - Laundry Service came out.

Just because your first fakes may have not been good doesn't mean you wont ever become good. Don't listen to people that tell you suck and shouldn't fake. I only visit BCF, NFC, and and Dream Fakes Famous Board, and El Culo de Shakira, now.

If you cant afford one look for free downloads of good ones out there. Find someone higher than your faking level and ask them to guide/mentor you. FNF, TCE, FFB, Dream Fakes, Fake Welt, Famous Board, Scottss, OTBF, Phoenix Fakes, NFC, BCF (Home board), FFF, UBF, Dukes Celeb Fakes, Sweet Daddy's celeb fakes and El Culo de Shakira. FINAL COMMENTS If anyone ever wondered why I put that Ghost Rider quote in my sig its because Ive hurt a lot people over the years and now that Ive shaped up in real life, I'm starting to feel all the effects from hurting these people. ---------------------------------------- The Early works.

It doesn’t take a shout of “Let’s be quiet” or “I won’t start until everyone is ready” to get them to focus on you.