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It reminds me a lot of is very long lasting, unique, powerful rose fragrance which the same is very musky and at first is quite heavy. I detect zero animalics or musk whatsoever, rather to my disappointment, but hell if I won't keep wearing this to try and find them!Is very long lasting, unique, powerful rose fragrance. I've also experienced the comparison to Aromatics Elixir that other Fragranticans have commented on here!

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Agent Provocateur is the signature fragrance of the house.

Longevity is over 6 hours, but it does soften a 'little' after the dry down. At first spritz it was more of a `oh no, Grandma X Village House in the Woods` - probably because of too much moss or vetiver mixed with the rose, it kinda smelt like an old paper box that`s been sprayed on with a very heavy rose perfume and then put away and let the mildew cover it entirely before being pulled out from under the bed again.and brrr.. I still don`t like the opening though, but now I know it takes a bit of time and patience and the scent WILL turn into something truly adorable.

The dry down does not differ in smell, only in it's powerful deliverance of the notes. I found the sillage to be light actually, but the longevity was long on clothing. I think it will be this year`s winter scent for me. Night time at the opera perhaps or if you are attending some fancy party with a lot of people to impress. It's a little spicy and loud, then turns creamy and smooth. A love of vetiver is a requirement for wearing this scent.

This popped up on my radar because I love vintage scents! I even fooled my boss, whose mother always wore Aromatics Elixir for special occasions.


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