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"What am I walking into here..." I thought gravely. When we finally landed, I immediately checked my phone's messages. " I stared at my phone for a minute, taking a deep breath before returning her call. After getting through Customs, I felt a familiar buzz in my pocket. When Katie pulled into the driveway and popped out of the car, I followed her inside the house. "So I know you probably are really tired, but when you're done getting settled, let's catch up! A few minutes later I was in a shower, trying to wash off my jet lag and the smell of an airport. I almost regretted not pushing my dick between her ass crack and grabbing her breasts. When Katie got back from school we decided to go out for a late lunch. Though she was still wearing her jeans, they were low cut, and I could make out the top of her ass crack.

"Look for a blue chevrolet." Knowing Katie must be close, I quickly grabbed my bags from the carousel and stepped outside the airport. Once again, my eyes drifted down my sister's provocative body. " She said, smiling again at me with her glossy lips. I eventually exited the bathroom feeling better and in a fresh set of clothes. everything almost ready." She ultimately concluded. I looked down at my shirt and noticed it was sticking to my stomach, highlighting my abs. Driven by sin, I pulled my boxers down and began masturbating. I don't know what happened really, I know we drank too much, and... but I don't hate you or anything, you don't have to go." I shook my head.

The amount of vehicles waiting to pick people up was daunting. Walking down the hallway, I heard some pots clanging from the kitchen. She was facing the sink, and jumped at the sound of my voice. No I've got everyth.." she began, but stopped mid sentence as she looked toward me. I sat at one of the dining table chairs and tried to make conversation. The movie itself didn't even turn out to be that bad. I think my body clock is still off." "Oh.." She said sympathetically, sitting up, and pulling the sheets to her chest. I looked at my sleeping sister and cursed myself, all the while fantasizing about her. I needed to find somewhere new to live since I had royally fucked up this situation. ugh I'm sorry." Katie sat in the living room chair, looking sexy as always. "I've basically ruined this trip, and I don't want to make it worse Katie." She stood up.

It took me a minute to hectically weave through a mass of civilians, but eventually I caught sight of a blue chevrolet amongst the sea of cars. "Stick your bags in the trunk," I heard Katie say from the driver's seat. I turned the corner to see Katie setting up a meal for us. Katie talked about her friends, school, and other random teenage drama. We talked about movies and television shows we both liked, about our goals in life. She crossed her sexy legs and scrolled through the channels. A few minutes into watching it, a rather intense sex scene broke out between the two main characters. Not only had I wandered into her room, I was now waking my sister up for no real reason. I realized I was no better than the guy she had dated. " Apologizing profusely, I quickly moved from the bed and ran to the guest room. I remained in the room until I heard Katie get up and leave for school. It took me all afternoon to approach Katie, and let her know I was leaving. Her yellow sundress knew how to accentuate her sexy legs and her striking blue eyes. "Jesus Dan, it was a drunken mistake, we'll get over it.

"I'm really happy you're not some jerk." She said, moving her head back to look me in the eyes. But my attention was focussed on a piece of fabric poking out from under the dresser. As if paranoid of getting caught, I looked around before moving them to my nose. She was wearing the same glossy lip shade from yesterday, and it drove me wild. "Haha, I'm sure a lot of guys like you for more than your body, you're amazing." Katie blushed and smirked. We spent the rest of the day walking around the beaches and bar hopping.