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Women should only work outside the home out of extreme necessity or as a hobby, maybe to save for a nice dress or better sandwich making implements for the kitchen.

Men and women evolved for different roles in human societies.

Thanks to Seinfeld, the goyim know something about the shiksa fetish, but now the world is learning that Jewish men have lots of strange appetites.

I’ve had a few Jewish men point this out to me whenever these stories come up in conversation.

One of the things that got Bill O’Reilly canned was that he called a black women “hot chocolate.” That’s pretty tame compared to installing a button in your office to lock the door, so you can trap women.

The Roy Moore claims have fallen apart, as most were obviously fake and the rest are impossible to substantiate.

The Opposite Rule of Liberalism says that whatever Lefty is hooting about, you can be sure he is the most guilty.