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Jemaine suddenly realises he has been tricked and rushes home, but he is too late.

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It’s unclear if Bret Mc Kenzie, the other half of the duo, will be involved, though Clement did say he wants to do a musical or movie still, and that he misses doing “Conchords” gigs.

So in light of that news, let’s take a look back at the finest songs from the New York City based troupe of musical New Zealanders to see why you should be excited for a return. The duo’s song about relative attractiveness is on point when it comes to flirting these days.

The song has a similar theme to the Paul Simon song "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover".

"50 Ways" features the singer suggesting a number of ways that a man can escape an unwanted relationship, including "hopping on a bus".

Jemaine tries to sneak out but he can't unlock the door.


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