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Hundreds of developers flood into a room with 15–20 companies and “speed date”. As an interviewer, I saw many strategies that developers took.

You get 4–5 minutes with each company and then you move on. It didn’t take learn to learn which were successful.

Do a bit of research though and make sure you know what you’re getting into – there’s no quicker way to get the ol’ eye roll than pretending you know what you’re doing only to have it all end in getting lost in the woods. And for something a bit easier on the legs head to the newly revamped Train Wreck hike.

As an added bonus, at this time of year sooner or later you are more likely than not to hit the snowline, and you know what that means. There’s a brand new suspension bridge that makes access a snap and the trails to, and around, this interesting site are absolutely gorgeous.

Keep that ego in check and don’t get all pouty-face when she nails that drop you just chickened out of.