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I tell him I have dark hair, and will be wearing purple Burberry platforms. I invest in a Hollywood wax, and an all-over light sheen of fake tan.

When I get to the bar I'm so nervous I down a glass of champagne in one go, then text to tell him I've had a 'slight change of shoe: silver platforms, not purple Burberry'.

Surely, I ask her, rich men have no trouble attracting women? These men - actors, plastic surgeons, bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs - not only don't have time to meet women, they've had enough of dating model types who are just after their money.' That's what I like to hear, but I'm still dubious.

Men say they want intelligent, independent women who are their equal in every way, but do they, really?

As such, we are committed to working with our clients to understand their needs and provide a successful, fun and productive IJL Dating Experience.


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    That doesn’t mean I think the person “probing” is a bad person or that they have a bad intent. I do want the woman I’m with to be OK though; I don’t want her to worry or be upset.

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    Our parent’s are from a generation where many met his/her significant others in college, so the marital clock starts ticking in a girls’ head.

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    I am also not going to deprive Gordon her due because it is her story as well.