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The happiness of being in the same moon and place with thousands of crazy freaks who loves extreme music is a speechless honor to Ratos de Porao.We love to play the fest and fell the incredible energy of this particular crowd as a present. Would never go to anywhere else instead of being here!

Kids up to 15 years do not pay any entrance fee of course!

Kids do belong to OEF – Grind kindergarten, two teepees with a lot of entertainment for the kids.

The combination of the great organization (everyone on the OEF crew are the best), the selection of bands,and the overall environment at the venue in Trutnov makes OEF the best festival for me!

I’m not just kissing ass to my buddy Curby here, I mean it!

Her feminine wiles were no match for his own permission coursing through his veins. Charls clutched sie and became like a bee, pollinating, living as god is, and dying, snapping himself off. This was it, his last chance to ppl this planet with bodies other than 82 IQ mungeons.


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    When he told me he was looking to use his talents as a historian upon his retirement from the mill, our collaboration on this project commenced.