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He told Daily that Melton was known in the area for threatening people's lives and that he had been reported to the police because of it.There was no evidence of his claims in Melton's arrest history with Nashville's Metro Police Department which dates back to 2014.

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Ian Mc Grath (left) said he and Quackenbush (center) were 'on and off' for a year-and-a-half and were engaged in 2011.

He said the shooting was 'in character' for her and that she was 'volatile' during their relationship Quackenbush, who has a five-year-old son with a different man, was working at the time as a professional skier and stripper but was pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician, he said.

The pair shared an apartment in Denver but, Mc Grath said, she 'had a superiority complex' about 'being rich'.

Daily previously reported on the fact that Quackenbush had been arrested in 2013 for assault causing bodily injury.

Jesse Quackenbush told Daily his daughter had only had one drink when she drove her friend back to her car after partying together.


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