Error validating location cannot access cvsroot

As the name indicates, you need a server machine to install CVSNT.

For one, the increase in licensing costs is substantial.

I struggled for hours and after finding no similar problem online, I decided to sign up to the newsgroup and post my problem.

error validating location cannot access cvsroot-21

Error validating location cannot access cvsroot updating ipod touch 1 1 5 to 2 2

I get a similar message for other SVN locations I've tried to add. This is a dead topic, but the solution is to install a client adapter along with Subclipse.

Take a look at this, and install SVN Client Adapter, SVNKit Adapter, and SVNKit Library.

When I tried to add the repository location via the CVS Repository Explorer, in the window "Add a new CVS repository" , I made these settings: Location --------- host: pierre.informatik.repository path: /home/lidong/repos/swp Authentication --------------- username: fidan password: ******** Connection ----------- Connection type- use default port Now when I click the button "Finish" , instead of getting connected to the repository, I get this message: ------------------------------------------- Unable to validate ------------------------------------------- Error validating location: ": Cannot access /home/lidong/repos/swp/CVSROOT" Keep location anyway? I'm not sure what tortoise SVN has to do with this.

------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading this long post! If you're using an SVN plug-in, shouldn't you be trying to access an SVN repository? Wayne On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 0000, Fidan wrote: Originally posted by: de I've worked with Tortoise SVN(a subversion client, implemented as a windows shell extension) for the last 6 months, mainly for creating PDF documents.

If you really want to make it easier to identify your tables when searching through your code, you can add a prefix to the column name that matches the table name.


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