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You can do so by changing the scriptmapping before the page is accessed. This property takes in an expression which evaluates whether the script was loaded correctly and if it fails then it renders the script from the local application path. These packages make it easier to bring in jquery and jquery UI libraries and also register them with the Script Manager. These packages add the following Script Mappings for jquery and jquery UI in the Pre Application Start method of the application Now you can enjoy all the benefits of having Script Manager such as If you are debugging your application(debug=true) in web.config then Script Manager will serve the scripts from debug path(non minified scripts) such as “~/Scripts/jquery-1.7.1.js” If your set Enable CDN=true on the Script Manager control, then all the Scripts will be served from the CDN path such as “ Let’s assume that you wanted to override the scriptmappings to change the CDN path where these scripts are served from. Imagine that you are serving your scripts from a CDN path and if there is an outage in the CDN, your site will be affected because you will not be able to serve any scripts. The aim is to have the navigation fixed when user scrolling the page and back to its original position when scrolling back to the top. There are lots of tutorial out there on the net but it contains lots of JS code so I decided to create my own way and with only a few lines of JS code, in this tutorial I only use 2 JS functions to make the fixed menu working, yes only two functions. All we need is only j Query library; you can download it in j Query site or use other library from Google CDN, Miscrosoft CDN and j Query CDN.

The Script Manger control has undergone some key targeted changes in ASP. Typically doing this in is better Let’s say a new version of Jquery or Jquery UI comes along. Jquery packges this scenario really becomes easy since when you update Jquery/Jquery UI you will get corresponding versions of Asp Net. Following is how the script tag looks like for jquery(assuming that you are serving scripts from CDN) One neat improvement that happened in ASP. Web Forms” which do the following Install the Scripts into your application so it looks like follows These packages also create the following scriptmappings so that they can be registered with Script Manager as follows We are registering all the scripts and we are bundling them together as “Ms Ajax Bundle” The reason we have the Assembly and the Path attribute here is because Script Manager special cases these scripts when it tries to load them, so we had to make some special arrangements with Script Manager code to make this work This is a process which is called deduping.

NET 4.5 which makes it easier to register, manage and combine scripts using the ASP. This post will highlight the changes that have happened to this control The default templates for Web Forms ship with the following packages “Asp Net. Traditionally you would have to download the jquery packages for these libraries and then update the script references everywhere on your pages. NET 4.5 is the decoupling of the “Microsoft Ajax script files(Microsoft Ajax Core etc)” and the Web Forms scripts(Grid etc). Basically when the Script Manager tried to load up these scripts, it can load them up from System.

The bottom part displays existing and newly added customers.

Clicking on the "Save To Database" button saves the data to the server.

Web This makes the scripts easily redistributable and updateable. This is part of the “special arrangement” that we did in Script Manager.


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