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A jobber in the business of supplying books, videocassettes, and music materials to retailers and libraries, usually at a discount, and of providing value added and customized services to meet the needs of libraries of all types.B&T products and services are listed and described in its trade catalogs. In budgeting, to keep expenditures in line with income, usually for the duration of a fixed accounting period.

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The sewn or binding edge of the gathered sections of a book to which the lining is applied.

The back may be flat, but more often it is given a convex curve in a binding procedure called rounding.

Also spelled A printed, engraved, or photographic device in plastic, metal, paper, or cloth indicating support of a cause, signifying membership or achievement in a group or society, or verifying identity, usually intended to be worn visibly on the person and often preserved as memorabilia (, badges are cataloged as graphic materials.

Also, a removable name tag worn by a library employee who works in public services, identifying the wearer to library patrons.

Synonymous with An order for library materials that could not be filled when originally placed because at least one of the items requested was not in stock or was as yet unpublished.


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