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Aside from working in the movies as cinematographer and/or editor, Abaya also works as still photographer for commercial lay-outs and directs commercials for television. He studied at the University of the Philippines (UP) School of Fine Arts. Abelardo, brother to cinematographer Bayani Abelardo, and uncle to Ben Resella, art director of Sampaguita Pictures who later became a scenic artist in Hollywood.

He was documentary photographer for the Department of Public Information in 1974 and stillman for the American produciton Hit Woman in 1976. He married Maria Saret, who is also a movie director.

Meanwhile, most of us here in Seoul find ourselves living Peter Pan-like existences.

In other words, when going back home it is also worth planning for this new phase of life, being optimistic, open-minded and aware of the challenges and differences waiting for you in the once called ‘home’.

After learning all that he could about film in London, Abaya returned to the Philippines to set up the family’s own movie production outfit, Cine Filipinas, Inc.

However, for family and friends back home who haven’t experienced life abroad it is difficult to grasp what it all entails.

So finding a group of people with similar international experiences can be a good way not only to debrief but also to broaden your existing and establish a new social circle.

This feeling is quite understandable given that for many, life in the host country is perceived as temporary, however as time passes ‘home’ in the native country becomes more distant.


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    He ran Columbia Pictures as if it were a family business, and in a way it was, because he had wrangled control from his brother Jack, who was back on the East Coast in New York.