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The bars are less busy, the girls are the same, looking bored, very few new faces other SE Asians. Met a few of the forum members shared a few numbers (and those who received them never posted a FR you know who you are! The downside has been that yet ot find a non drama Paki (met only one through Alex, sadly she is not around) and the only really bad experience was an African, never again!

Well as for places to visit, and I assume that is why folks have read this far of this monologue.

They keep in touch and regularly what's app to check if you need them always punctual and in good humor and company.

Try to pick them from slightly better bars than York normally marina area.

The Healys Bar, Moven pick in JLT, Hilton Garden Inn in JBR, China Grill, Lock Stock Barrel, Habtoor Grand, Tora tora in Grosvenor- any of these places on ladies night are fun. Typically, my regular finds the girl and brings her the high point of this was that she found a black bi girl!! Young, fresh and unspoilt by the business grind and very GFE. Though the grass is always greener on the other side my experience is that old familiar tends to work out better!! The second theme is that I have really gone off the Stans (other than my regulars) they generally drink too much, bored, greedy, overpriced and generally with too many issues avoid. Once in Dubai a Ukrainian girl asked me if I can take her back to my hotel I said how much? I busy out laughing I Said not unless your pussy is made if diamonds and gold.