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I wish I'd been born in 'Eastern Europe' perhaps with a diet of cabbage and beetroot I would not be so fat.

Give it a few years and they will be as porky as the rest of us!!! I wish some of them would realise what a provider is, and that a woman cannot bring up kids, work twenty-four seven, manage the house garden and car, run a business , look after her ageing parents AND look like a supermodel all on a bowl of cabbage!!!

He wouldn't let his wife go back to work after their daughter started school, even though they desperately needed the money, because it 'wasn't right'.

I'm basing what I perceive men's attitude is to have such values on what I've seen first hand. Old fashioned values, to me, means the man goes out to work and the woman stays at home and looks after the children and runs the household, I think that's what most people would consider it to mean.

For some reason British women...not see me as anything other than a friend. I did see a very Beautiful barmaid last night..only in looks, but the way she moved and spoke and her smile. Kasia, Justyna, Sylwia, Biljanica, Milena, Maria, Simiona...list is endless!


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