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With all the overbearing rules and overly protective parenting this family has, it's no surprise that the kids that have already moved out turned a little wacko...

Usually, when one of the Duggar children begins a romantic relationship, the family is quick to share the news with their legion of cultishly devoted fans, largely because the romances are a big reason that many fans keep tuning in.

They need to be able to determine for themselves what's right and what's wrong, and not have their parents watch their every move.

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What these parents are doing is not preparing them for the real world.

First of all, these kids need A LOT more independence.

Now that he's back in the spotlight after nearly disappearing for two years, you might need a refresher on the controversial figure and dad of four. (Photo Credit: Facebook) MUST SEE: Meet the Duggar Daughters — Get to Know the Ladies in the Duggar Family!

Josh's siblings are John-David Duggar (27), Jana Duggar (27), Jill Duggar Dillard (26), Jessa Seewald (24), Jinger Duggar (23), Joseph Duggar (22), Josiah Duggar (21), Joy-Anna Duggar (19), Jedidiah Duggar (18), Jeremiah Duggar (18), Jason Duggar (17), James Duggar (15), Justin Duggar (14), Jackson Duggar (12), Johanna Duggar (11), Jennifer Duggar (9), Jordyn-Grace Duggar (8), and Josie Duggar (7).

There are new courtships and babies to look forward to.