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I walk up to the clerk glass window to see that the employee was bent over stocking product so i gave her a few min to Finnish up in anticipation that she would at least greet me and or acknowledge that i am standing there. So im thinking maybe she’s just not haveing a great morning, i then walk away from the window to try the slef service pump. Jennifer Reply I grew up with krogers and after my experince in beckley wva ill shop there no more after there general manger wouldnt exchange or refund 3 THATS RIGHT 3 produce items that turned 2 days after after buying them and said HE WOULDNT FEEL RIGHT. FROM YOU AND YOUR MINDSET AND MORAL COMPASS Reply I was going to write a long and detailed complaint but I see other complaints here about the same issues.

I don’t like to use self service at the pump because it almost always lock up my card. After i observed her obervlety not careing, I took my money down the road where they had great customer service and acknowledge that I’m human, and the only color that matters to them is green. I called them today and they said they had never heard of that offer and they do not use it. For some reason national management has decided that some stores can be poorly stocked all the time. You have become Wal Mart of taking customers for granted.

When he came home and told me what happened, we went back up to Krogers and I requested an explanation.

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After working for Kroger for 5 months he went to work on November 19th and into the managers office and was forced to resign from Kroger’s because he allegedly took an item without paying for it.

The item was scanned by a cashier and he allegedly bagged it and didn’t pay for it.

Reply I’m writting because of a negitive situation that i as a paying customer indoured via the gas station.

I get up at 7am to go get gas from the krogers on washington road in augusta georgia.

While I’m at the pump trying to get self service to work on my behalf i see that she has helped atleast two other customers. If this is the quality of service your cooperation exhibits, I can no longer spend my hard earned money in your stores or at gas stations. I am emailing about an offer, online, from 9 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know, and it shows that Kroger offers 10% discounts on the first Wednesday of every month, but you must call your preferred Kroger to see if and when that discount is offered. My best guess is that Kroger is having financial problems and can no longer afford to stock all its stores. Last night I was only able to buy 2/3 of the items on my shopping list. Your policy is for a customer to wait in line at the Courtesy Booth for a rain check. Your manager gets on his hands and knees restocking shelves because you wont hire enough staff.